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Understanding your needs to implement programs that build trust and encourage access.

The Australian Department of Defence requires a broad range of services to address many unique and layered needs.
Building trust and creating tailored programs to increase utilisation

Australian Department of Defence


Public Administration or Government



Issue / Objective:

Provide a broad, yet integrated range of services to meet a variety of complex needs.


Increased request for sessions


Converge provides a broad range of services to the Department’s Public Service employees, as well as support for Reservists and Defence Force Cadets.


When Converge began working with the Department of Defence there was a clear need to increase awareness of the employee assistance program and build trust in the offering.

Strategic Approach

To increase awareness of the offering, Converge ran awareness sessions to promote the range of services available. To build trust, senior executives and business leaders were engaged to demonstrate support of the services, and critically reinforced confidentiality of the services for staff.

The Solution

To meet the varying needs across stakeholder groups, Converge provided an integrated yet broad range of services.  These included: EAP services including onsite EAP support, critical incident support, pre and post-deployment assessments and interviews, leadership development, conflict resolution including mediation as well as training programs focused on people risk and performance.

Frequent communications were provided to promote the services and help Converge establish meaningful relationships with key contacts and engage them to help demonstrate trust at all levels.


  • Over 1,000 examples of critical incident support in a 12 month period across multiple sites across the country.
  • A successful integrated onsite program for the Defence Science and Technology Group.
  • Over 3,400 hours of EAP support over a 12 month period.
  • Over 100 pre and post-deployment interviews for non-uniform staff deployed as part of an ADF detachment.
  • Developing a tailored program of EAP awareness sessions tailored specifically for Defence’s Human Resources Business Partners, as well as specific awareness sessions designed for senior executives, and for middle management.
  • Multiple onsite ‘drop in’ centres around the country providing support through mental health and change management.
  • Check-in calls for multiple Defence high-profile projects.
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"Converge has found the key to successful relationship management is frequent communication and building trusted relationships with key contacts at various levels within the organisation."
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