Creating a mentally healthy culture

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Blog - Image - Openness & honesty lead to mentally healthy workplaces.

HR Management is featuring a blog from Dr Jenny George, CEO at Converge International. In her post, Creating a mentally healthy culture, Jenny discusses:


  • A leader’s role in monitoring stress and conflict through tracking employee feedback and organisational data
  • Tips for addressing stress and conflict
  • Activities for creating engaged, healthy and safe workplaces

A mentally healthy culture is built on trust

Jenny writes: “By being honest and transparent with people, while also caring about their welfare, you create a culture of trust. Your employees will feel that they know where they stand and that they too can be honest and open about themselves. This is a guiding step towards a mentally healthy workplace and will have positive effects for individuals and the organisation that last for years.”

You can read Creating a mentally healthy culture by clicking on this link.


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