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Today is R U OK? Day. While it’s important to mark the day and help to share its message when community awareness is so high, we should also champion its message every day.


Be a champion


According to the R U OK? Day website: “If you really want to make a difference, we need your help to champion the message in your workplace, school and community.”


Being a champion for R U OK? Day means being a good friend and a listener, giving your attention and time to a mate, colleague or family member who is facing mental health difficulties.


Checking in on someone else’s mental health is a wonderful way to show them that they are not alone and that others care about the challenges they are facing.

Asking R U OK?


Asking someone “Are you OK?” is an important step toward providing support for a colleague or friend who is living through a difficult time. Just by asking “Are you OK?” you are showing them that they have

support when they need it most.


But, asking someone “Are you OK?” can be a big step. Here are some tips to help you start that important conversation:

• Pick the best moment, an appropriate time when you can start the conversation
• Be sure that you have picked a moment when there is enough time to have a conversation
• Be relaxed and friendly and show that you feel genuine concern for their health
• Ask questions like “How are you going?” or “Is everything OK?”
• Actively listen to what they say and avoid being judgmental
• Encourage them to take action so that they can begin their journey towards feeling better.

Get help


You can make an appointment to speak with a Converge International counsellor by calling 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327) any time. You can also make an appointment by using the Live Chat function on our website or by clicking on the Appointment button in the EAP Connect smartphone app. 


In an emergency, call the Ambulance on 000.

Find out more about R U OK Day


To find out more about the day and to access a range of relevant resources, visit the R U OK Day website.


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