Losing your job can be one of life's most stressful events. No company likes to restructure or to lay off staff but, with the right help, your employees can be supported through this transition.

Using contemporary and evidence-based frameworks, our consultants work one-on-one with people who have been made redundant. Our consultants collaborate with individuals to develop a tailored plan of assistance. The consultant will then implement the next steps with positivity, purpose and an appreciation of transition with a focus on delivering results. Outplacement sessions may focus on: increasing the individual's senses of self-awareness (eg experience, skills and needs); exploring job opportunities; networking and accessing the hidden job market; developing an effective CV; building a LinkedIn profile; writing application letters and other relevant documents; improving interview skills; and negotiating salary packages.

The employer organisation can choose from a range of existing outplacement service packages or our team can tailor existing services to suit staff needs.

As experts in mental health and wellbeing, Converge’s career consultants don’t just address the career skills that your people will need to find another job but will also support them emotionally through the difficult transition period, helping them to understand their own motivation and values and how to harness these to get back to work quickly.
We work one on one with clients in each session, providing individual support through the outplacement process.

We work this way because we want to provide the most effective, evidence-based approach. Research in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology shows that motivation and a supportive emotional environment are two of the most important factors in making a smooth transition after job loss. Our approach also minimises reputational risk to you as an employer by making it less likely that your former employees will suffer an emotional crisis, bad-mouth you or spend extended periods of time unemployed.

To speak to us further about our outplacement solutions, please email outplacement@convergeintl.com.au or call us on 1300 687 327.