Getting the right people on board. It’s probably the biggest investment your company makes. A hiring mistake costs around a third of that person's annual salary (or more for more senior positions) plus you have the lost opportunity of all the things the right person could have done over the time it took to realise your mistake.

We help you make the right decisions on new recruits by providing you with proven, evidence-based assessments that identify the strengths and weaknesses of different candidates. Our psychologists use tests that are suitable for larger recruitment pools of entry level positions and executives, targeting those areas that are of most concern to your organisation.

Psychometric tests are not designed to rank potential staff but they have proven accuracy in identifying likely poor performers – in other words, they help you avoid mistakes. Often the keys to using psychometric testing effectively is understanding how to interpret the results. This is where our experienced psychologists will guide you and offer personal assistance.

We have tailored psychometric tests for public safety and human services roles (aged care, disability care, child care and nursing) offered under our SafeSelect brand.