Do you have a good process for identifying your most talented employees and developing them? Are you concerned that your organisation is still not promoting and retaining enough talented women to reach a balance in your executive ranks?

Converge can help whether you have a small HR team and would like to outsource your talent management program or you are looking for an external team to audit and improve your talent management program to ensure it maximises the diversity of candidates being identified.

Unconscious bias has been shown to affect the chance of women being promoted or given the same pay rise as an equally productive male employee. Women are less likely to be nominated for high performer programs than men unless specific steps are taken to overcome unconscious bias. Other underrepresented groups also suffer when talent identification does not use an objective process but relies on manager recommendations or internal sponsorship.

At Converge, we can help you develop a talent management system, including the use of objective testing. Our consultants are experienced HR practitioners and psychologists who can design psychometric and skill-based testing programs specifically for your context and implement a talent management program that will identify your most valuable and promising employees and help you retain, develop and promote them.