Conflict has a ripple effect and invariably impacts on fellow workers. Psychological impact on those directly involved and on bystanders is an occupational health and safety risk to the organisation.

Unresolved conflict is costly in many ways and can result in lengthy grievance processes, employee disengagement, lost productivity, and ultimately a reduction in organisational effectiveness.

Sometimes there is an historical aspect to the conflict, internal investigations may have occurred and there is a need to restore professional working relationships.

Our nationally accredited mediators assess presenting and underlying issues of teams in conflict that are affecting team wellbeing, harmony and functioning; make recommendations for improvement and assist with implementation of interventions that are most likely to result in conflict resolution.
In some cases, team facilitation may be recommended. This is a structured 3-step process whereby a trained mediator:

  1. Conducts a team assessment through individual interviews to identify presenting and underlying issues that are positively and negatively impacting on team dynamics and harmony.
  2. Makes recommendations to management for appropriate interventions.
  3. Supports management with implementation of accepted interventions.

A team facilitation may be conducted for small/large teams or whole organisations. It differs from health and wellbeing assessments as the focus is on contributors to conflict, with agreement to implement appropriate interventions. It is non-punitive, solution oriented and futures focussed. Team facilitations need to be approved by someone with senior authority within the employer organisation.

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