Sometimes, support is best delivered right where your people are. We can provide on-site counsellors and psychologists for your organisation on a regular or temporary basis.

Walk the floor
In a “walk the floor” model, our staff become a part of your organisation, available to talk to people and meeting them where they are at their worksite, in the break room or at their desk. This has traditionally been a model for manufacturing and resource sector clients. Either pastoral counsellors (LINK) or employee assistance consultants can be used with this model, but because pastoral counsellors specialise in building proactive longterm relationships we recommend them for this model.

On-site sessional appointments
This model is essentially EAP sessions delivered onsite. It can be much more convenient for your employees to be able to see an EAP consultant in their own workplace and is a particularly helpful model for remote or regional employers or fly-in-fly-out workers. Employees make an EAP appointment in the usual way and confidentiality is maintained.

Download On-site Support Services Model
Flexible on-site support
A combination of “walk the floor” and sessional appointments where relationships can be built during proactive “walk the floor” times but the counsellor is available for more focused sessional appointments as well. We typically find that our pastoral counsellors who are also qualified as counsellors or psychologists are particularly well suited to these kinds of engagements.

Professional on-site support
In addition to counselling, we have staff who can assist with aspects of your HR function. Whether it is designing and delivering training programs, being an on-site return to work coordinator or being an extra pair of hands as a generalist HR practitioner, we are happy to provide on-site professionals to work with you. This can be combined with sessional appointments if requested.

Seasonal or situational on-site support
While you might ordinarily use off-site EAP, in the middle of major change, organisational restructure or at busy times of year you might prefer to have our consultants close at hand to support staff. We can provide general counselling support at your locations on a temporary basis and we can also provide specialists from our Career Assist stream to help with career transition issues.

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