Converge International’s new phone helpline services are offered in recognition of the need for specific, specialist support for challenges people may face in their lives.

Each specialist phone helpline is offered as an additional service on top of an organisation’s existing Converge International Employee Assistance Program.*

The qualified counsellors who provide these specialist support services have the specific social or cultural experience, knowledge, training and understanding needed to deliver this care.

*For specific information on each phone helpline service, pricing and activating these services for your employees, please contact your Converge International Client Relationship Manager or email info@convergeintl.com.au


Converge International’s specialist helpline services:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Helpline

Access advice and support around indigenous issues
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LGBTIQ+ Helpline
Speak with a specialist counsellor across issues specific to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer or Questioning people
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Domestic and Family Violence Helpline
Access counselling, support and referral to specialist services around domestic and family violence
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Eldercare Helpline
A advice on aged care issues, referral to specialist services and emotional support when caring for ageing family members and friends
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Disability & Carers’ Helpline
Access specialised advice on disability support and referral to state and local resources and services, as well as emotional support around caring for family members or friends who live with disability. 
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