Change is a common requirement for today's businesses and it comes in all shapes and sizes; from initial 'small steps' through to major transformations.

For a number of reasons change also places organisations and their staff under new levels of stress. Some people worry about failure and whether they could be 'next' on the list of people to lose their role to change; others worry about managing the transition to new environments, others are worried about the outcomes of tensions between business as usual and the implementation of proposed change.

Converge International works with organisations to minimise the stresses associated with change.

As your partner in managing change, we bring our knowledge of staff and stakeholder engagement to the process. We help organisations to avoid the complexity traps that come with creating and implementing a change management program.

We appreciate and understand the tensions that people throughout an organisation can experience through the change process and we respond with interventions that help individual staff to manage the transition, to resolve tension and conflict between staff and to integrate the change into their ongoing, daily work.

As partners we welcome being judged on the evolution of our clients through change. We look forward to helping your organisation to develop the capacity for change.

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