SafeSelect delivers workshop-style training and accreditation programs to support clients to effectively use our assessment tools and support services.

Our training workshops are fully interactive and deliver practical learning. All workshops are facilitated by registered psychologists and cover:


  • The background of SafeSelect’s assessment tools
  • Understanding the personality and behavioural dimensions measured by SafeSelect’s assessments
  • Information on accurately interpreting SafeSelect candidate reports
  • Tips on how to use interview guides
  • Information on how to use our reference check system
  • Using SafeSelect data to inform objective decisions about a candidate’s risk and suitability for the role


The SafeSelect team will work with your organisation to tailor our training to meet your recruitment and candidate selection needs.


Tailored Risk Assessment Interview Technique (TRAIT)

Beyond helping you to select candidates for interview, SafeSelect provides a solution for structuring and conducting job interviews: The Tailored Risk Assessment Interview Technique (TRAIT).


Our interview guides are tailored to the specific requirements of each role. This unique structured interview system, when combined with results from our psychometric assessments, provides employers with a comprehensive risk assessment of each applicant. Through reviewing performance data, as well as the candidate’s potential based on the personality and behaviour risk assessment, an interviewer is able to gain insight into how the candidate is likely to behave in the future, and their potential suitability for the role.


SafeSelect supports clients through their recruitment decision making process. Our reference checking guides have been specifically developed for the recruitment of high-risk roles and include questions to evaluate a candidate’s level of risk.


SafeSelect’s Assessment Centres enable a candidate to experience a ‘Day in the Life’ of working in the role they are applying for and provide the hiring organisation with an insight into the candidate’s strengths and development areas, relevant to the role.


During an Assessment Centre, a candidate participates in a series of activities, tasks and simulations which have been designed to assess the key capabilities required in the role. Assessment Centres also measure a candidate’s motivation levels and work style. The candidate’s individual results provide objective data about their suitability for the role.


All Assessment Centre activities are conducted by a team of registered psychologists and are specifically designed for each organisation and role.


Assessment Centres can be used for assessing job applicants, as well as for considering internal candidates for promotion.  

To speak with the SafeSelect team call 1300 777 233 or email safeselect@convergeintl.com.au