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How We Work

Our Approach

Our approach is based on rigour, evidence and care.


What is our approach?

We use a maturity model that matches our services with an organisation’s “wellbeing maturity”. Core service such as EAP and Rapid Response are suitable for all organisations, while other services are most appropriate for organisations with a strategy and wellbeing plan which is sufficiently advanced to make best use of them.

Our four-level maturity model explained:

Organisations that are early in their wellbeing journey. Services that they are likely to use will respond to problems as they arise (for example EAP and Critical Incident support). Smaller organisations without a dedicated HR function are typically at a reactive maturity level.

These organisations often think in time frames of around 1 – 4 weeks.

Organisations usually move next to a more proactive stance. These organisations will still use reactive services but are likely to add services such as wellbeing check-ins and training programs to help prevent problems before they happen. At this stage organisations may not know which proactive programs will work best or are needed by each team and so often this stage involves implementing and exploring what works.

These organisations often think in time frames of around 2 – 6 months.

Organisations that have been using proactive services for a while typically start thinking strategically about their wellbeing programs. This is the maturity stage where data and reporting becomes critical so that proactive programs can be targeted at the right people at the right times.

These organisations often think in time frames of around 1 – 2 years.

Finally, organisations at the highest maturity level focus on embedding wellbeing into the culture of their organisation. When wellbeing becomes “how we do things around here”, it endures well beyond any individual program or even annual strategy. Cultural embedding takes the longest because it requires an organisation to have already progressed through the previous stages. You can’t build a wellbeing culture unless you have already implemented programs at each of the earlier stages.

These organisations often think in time frames of 5 – 10 years.

Our Process

How we kickstart your employee wellness journey

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Assess & Success
Assess & Success
The best programs start with a strong foundation. We begin by understanding the current state and defining the task at hand. What are the objectives? Who is the audience? What does success look like?


Strategy & Design
Strategy & Design
The next step is to define our plan of approach and optimal support program. This needs to take into account other organisational factors and ensure that we coordinate activities.


Communications & Engagement
Communications & Engagement
Alongside the overall design of the program there needs to be a communications campaign to promote the plan.


Roll out the plan. The more complex the program of work, the more likely we are to encounter operational challenges in implementing it. The key is have a close and trusting relationship to quickly answer questions and solve any unexpected problems.


Measure & Review
Measure & Review
Measurement of outcomes is critical to learn what has worked well and to refine and update the program to meet on-going goals.
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Innovative Approach

We complement our services with innovative tools and methodologies enhancing the end-user experience and outcomes.

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