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Reporting & Insights

Creating meaningful insights from data.


What reporting and insights do we provide?

We know that one of the most important elements of our services is “closing the loop”: making sure that we provide the best possible information back to our customers about the wellbeing of their people. Sometimes the services we provide also give us insights into workplace issues that an employer needs to take action on.

Converge collects and de-identifies data that enables us to analyse and report on trends, not only at a partner customer level but also regionally and by industry.

This enables us to deliver comprehensive utilisation reports, highlighting key organisational areas and issue-based trends within your organisation. We also specifically measure and report on the impact of issues on the workplace – even when those issues arise from personal circumstances.

What data do we collect and analyse for EAP services?

  • Date/time of intake and subsequent sessions
  • Presenting issues (personal, work, or other assist streams)
  • Organisation group and/or department
  • Selected demographics, including gender, age, and length of employment
  • Delivery mode (face-to-face, virtual, or phone-based)
  • Client feedback and satisfaction levels, including NPS
  • Client outcomes and wellbeing levels on a per session basis as well as at the end of their sessions
  • Any “red flag” issues that workplaces might need to know about, such as bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Client risk levels and risk assessments
  • The role of the workplace in the issues and the impact on the workplace of the issues

Reporting for other services

Reporting for other services varies but usually includes utilisation, outcome and satisfaction measures as appropriate to each service.

What value does this add?

  • Detailed understanding of how and when EAP and other services are utilised
  • Benchmark comparisons with both industry and regional utilisation trends and themes
  • Identification of key issues or changes in utilisation within your organisation
  • Early notification of any risk “red flags” (such as bullying or harassment in a team) that you may need to take action on
  • Proactive and data-driven recommendations on how to get the most out of the service
  • Personal tracking of wellbeing on a session by session basis
  • Improved workplace culture through organisations taking action where there is a pattern or trend that has been identified
  • Tailored advice based on your unique needs

What tools can Converge offer your business?

We have an array of innovative support tools that complement our services.


Converge App

Combining the latest digital technology with an evidence-based approach, the Converge app includes several core tools to help your employees track and improve their mental and physical health, including:

  • Appointment booking
  • Health metrics tracking & personalised human dashboard
  • Health insights library
  • Employee support (FAQ’s and e-mail support)
  • Aggregated reporting to help you understand the shifting health and wellbeing trends of your people

Customer Portals

We offer customer portals that become your people’s one-stop for all things Converge. From booking an EAP appointment and accessing resources to downloading marketing and support assets to help your team promote services internally.


Flourish Health & Wellbeing eMagazine

Access Converge’s eMagazine, Flourish, to see many of our accessibility features in action. Log in to your portal to read the latest edition.

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Industry leaders in workplace mental health & wellbeing

Find out how Converge partners with organisations to support their health and wellbeing strategies.

Real people that care

We boast some of the most experienced and dedicated health professionals in the industry.


What our customers say about Reporting & Insights

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HR Manager
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
Genuine thanks for your support and assistance over the years, for your patience and understanding with me personally, but also with me as the MFS touch point. I have learnt an enormous amount from you all.
Australia Post
The introduction of EAP felt like a weight had been lifted not just from individual shoulders but the whole organisation.
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Reporting & Insights

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