LATEST NEWS – Converge acquires 100% of digital business, HeadUp Labs

Australia’s leading EAP, mental health and wellbeing provider, Converge International, has acquired 100% of HeadUp Labs, a specialist in digital healthcare platforms.

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HeadUp Labs is led by Glenn Riseley and David Parfitt. The business has built a globally established digital platform that empowers individuals to understand, take control and improve their own physical and mental health. The platform harnesses the power of wearable technology, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise outcomes for individuals. It also provides detailed and usable information to organisations about the health and wellbeing of their employees or members – while maintaining the confidentiality of individuals. Converge and HeadUp Labs both see enormous potential to transform the wellbeing of workers by combining the digital capability of the platform with Converge’s leading clinical service delivery.

The established platform utilised by organisations such as life insurance companies and government agencies has already achieved impressive results. It currently services global customers, in over eight countries and more than six languages, with 91% of registered users engaging with the platform weekly. Results also show that the platform helps individuals measurably improve their health, with personalised advice and support. Unlike many other apps that get usage from people who are already on the healthiest end of the spectrum, HeadUp’s focus and insights have been shown to significantly engage and benefit people who are struggling to set and maintain healthy habits.

Says Glenn Riseley, CEO HeadUp Labs: “The platform enables every individual to take care of their own health. This is achieved by capturing and harnessing data from technology like wearables and smartphones and presenting it as an easy-to-understand human dashboard along with actionable, highly personalised insights. We know that giving people a sense of autonomy leads them to take action much earlier, which delivers much better outcomes. For organisations, it means they’re able to better understand and support their populations by taking preventative action – while maintaining the confidentiality of individuals. We’re excited to be joining the Converge family to help improve outcomes for many more people.”

Says Jenny George, CEO of Converge: “Over the next few months we will be developing the HeadUp Labs platform for roll-out to Converge customers, with a version of the platform replacing Converge’s own Converge Connect app for all clients. We are very excited to start sharing the roadmap for these changes with our customers in the new year. This acquisition marks an important day for Converge and a leap forward in our ability to meet our customers’ expectations for a truly world class digital solution”.

The acquisition was funded by an investment from the Victorian Business Growth Fund (managed by ROC partners) and both the investment and acquisition were supported by investment advisors Henslow.

The HeadUp Labs team joined Converge in February 2022 and the leaders of the business, Glenn Riseley and David Parfitt, have also joined the Converge leadership team.

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