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Supporting and developing your people.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a proven and powerful form of intervention to support individual learning. It is also a great addition to traditional training as it creates traction and accountability for achieving specific individual goals.

We only use highly experienced and accredited coaches to deliver this important work. This can take the form of short-form 4-6 week intensive coaching engagements, or longer-term support and embedment practice over several months, to cement leadership goals and learning outcomes.

  • Growth through expanded self-awareness
  • Awareness of personality structures that limit executive potential
  • Communication skills development and the art of effective conversations
  • Space and presence of mind under pressure
  • Build executive presence to influence with integrity
  • Build deeper and more meaningful rapport with your team
  • Become a more agile and empathetic leader
  • Be more accountable for your behaviour and the results you achieve
  • Grow confidence to experiment and explore your leadership potential

What do our Coaching Programs include?

Designed to enable C-suite and senior leaders to become more self-aware and build the necessary governance and executive skills, mental models and nuanced approaches necessary to flourish in senior complex roles.

Targeting front-line and middle managers to assist in developing their leadership or management skills and approach for more effective performance.  Targeted longer-term coaching helps to build tomorrow’s high potential leaders today.

Designed to assist employees with performance or wellbeing issues within the workplace. We forge a collaborative process between the line manager, employee (being coached) and coach to get things back on track.


What tools can Converge offer your business?

Within our coaching programs we offer options for additional psychometric testing to allow for greater coaching insight and development.


Psychometric Testing

Within our coaching programs we offer options for additional psychometric testing to allow for greater coaching insight and development, this includes but it not limited to the following:

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire
  • MLQ Plus
  • Hogan Assessment tool
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HR & Recruitment

We have a range of HR and Recruitment based support services from Pre-employment Selection and Career Development to Return to Work and Outplacement.


Understanding your people (current and potential) is key to an organisation’s success.

A powerful and effective approach to managing physical injuries where psychological factors are extending recovery time
case study
Australia Post

Learn how a brand new approach to preventing workplace psychological injuries delivers outstanding results

The relationship between physical health and mental health has been researched extensively and is now well understood. Read how we were able to dramatically improve return to work outcomes for one of Australia’s most culturally and geographically diverse organisations.

Help your employees feel supported


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