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Converge App

Wish you could unlock the power of digital technology to help EVERY employee?

The future of health & wellbeing has arrived

Combining the latest digital technology with an evidence-based approach, Converge now delivers more than simply EAP for a small percentage of employees each year, but total mental health & wellbeing for all.

We know EAP can work harder and smarter for you, and the future lies in harnessing technology and data to engage employees early and more often. This is why we acquired HeadUp Labs.

HeadUp Labs are the global experts in evidence-based digital health and wellbeing and have delivered an award-winning and highly engaging digital health platform that has been integrated into our Converge App. Using the tools available in this app, your people can access more than just an appointment — it puts the control of their health in the palm of their hands.

What is the Converge App?

The Converge app (included as part of your EAP program) uses award-winning technology to engage every employee and gives them the tools, autonomy, self-awareness and motivation to take control of their health and wellbeing.

The Converge app includes several core tools to help your employees track and improve their mental and physical health.

  • Appointment booking
  • Health metrics tracking & personalised human dashboard
  • Health insights library
  • Employee support (FAQ’s and e-mail support)
  • Aggregated reporting to help you understand the shifting health and wellbeing trends of your people

To maximise downloads and really kick things off, ask about launching the app with Converge Move.

Want to learn more about the app?

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Converge Move is a fun, team-based, physical activity challenge that’s guaranteed to get your people connected and on the path to good health using the Converge App. One six-week Move challenge is completely free to Converge customers during the first 12 months, following the release of the Converge App.

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