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Individual Assessments

Better understanding your current and potential employees.

What are Individual Assessments?

Our individual assessment tools assist you in better understanding your current employees and those you may be looking to hire.

Led by our highly experienced and qualified psychologists and recruitment specialists, our assessments combine personality factor testing with psychological functional capacity evaluation items to provide you with a complete 360-degree picture of each individual focusing on both performance and their potential.

Our individual assessments are more than employee personality tests. You’ll gain insight into each individual in a number of important ways:

  • Job suitability
  • Cognitive ability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personality and behavioural preferences
  • Potential psychological vulnerabilities and risk
  • Individual wellbeing
  • Future performance

Some of our testing goes further than this, but the ideal combination of assessment tools is something we sort out in our conversation with you to make sure your specific goals and insights can be provided.

Our Assessments

Potential Employees

This assessment is specifically designed for environments where employees work with vulnerable people or have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of others.

The ASM assesses an individual’s suitability across factors including:

  • Working with others
  • Working style
  • Emotional control

Where we identify risk or concerns in an individual’s profile, we’ll prepare follow-up questions for you so you can drill into the areas of concern and form your own view about current or future risk.

Specifically designed for the most high-risk work environments in our community, this assessment is ideal for environments where there is psychological potential for violence or danger to the employee, the public, colleagues or other members of the community. The RPI measures an individual’s level of psychological risk across:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Working with others
  • Working style
  • Self-control
  • Psychological adjustment

This tool had unmatched reliability and validity data gained over decades of working with Australia’s largest emergency services organisations and other high-risk employment environments.

TRAIT is a unique structured interview system that, when combined with results from our psychometric assessments, provides employers with a comprehensive risk assessment of each applicant.

How do we do this?  Through reviewing performance data, as well as the candidate’s potential based on the personality and behaviour risk assessment, we will help the interviewer to be able to gain insight into how the candidate is likely to behave in the future, and their potential suitability for the role.

We also use TRAIT for non-recruitment decision-making with organisations.

Current Employees

We know that sometimes major incidents, natural disasters or workplace upheaval can impact a lot of staff, all at once. This is where people risk skyrockets.

You may have all the support measures in place but, sometimes, staff are too distressed or confused to even do this.

This is where we can help.

We provide a check-in phone call to all staff you are worried about. Reassuringly, most will be fine, but some may not. We target and support individuals you may be most worried about which helps reduce risk for the organisation and ensure people who are struggling can access extra support when they most need it.

This service will provide a short wellness assessment to support employees with their in-the-moment needs. Where risk is elevated, we smoothly refer them through to the EAP service or other supports that may assist in getting them back on track.

These go further than a standard workplace wellbeing assessment. These are individual mental and wellbeing assessments using standardised psychometrics and whole-of-life audits to track mental wellbeing over time and provide self-care strategies as well as pathways to better management.

These assessments are ideal for situations where risk is elevated or people working in high-stress environments need to be monitored for risk over time.

Where risk is identified, additional support will be provided.  We also monitor the individual until their risk reduces back into a normal range.

It is vital to identify risk to self or others brought about by impaired work performance through the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Decisions about standing staff down may be guided by policy, but often there are complex and nuanced factors that need to be understood to make the best decisions over time for each individual circumstance. This is especially true when there is the potential for addiction and underlying mental health problems.

Our detailed drug and alcohol assessments help with decision-making about a staff member’s risk to themselves or others, and help to determine what type of support they may require to reduce the likelihood of drug or alcohol-impaired work performance in the future.

This assessment is designed to help you determine the suitability of a role for a team member returning to work after a period of absence related to mental health.

Timing and finding the optimal way to return someone to work after a period of extended absence needs to be sensitively managed to ensure a successful and durable return to work is achieved.

Our report will help you and the treating practitioner to plan and support the employee’s return to work.

Sometimes employees can behave in extreme ways at work, at times even becoming violent.  We understand the risk this presents to you as their employer.

This assessment is designed to measure an individual’s cognitive ability, personality, psychological vulnerabilities and behavioural tendencies to provide an indication of their level of psychological risk and potential for future violence.

Armed with this assessment, you’ll be able to make clearer decisions about what actions may be required and how to reduce long-term risk for your organisation.

This assessment is highly effective at creating a specific focus for leadership development.  It also can be used as part of a broader assessment approach to round out an individual’s understanding about their strengths and areas for development.

Sound assessment practices require a few key things to come together in a special way. Fundamentally, you need to use the best and most suitable assessment tools available to create powerful assessment reports that enable risk to be understood and to provide insights to guide better future decisions.

We also understand you will want relevant members of your in-house team to gain skill in interpreting and better understanding the assessment reports we provide. It’s important to us that your key team know how to use the data and insights to help guide future people decisions.

We offer workshop-style training and accreditation programs to support you to effectively use our assessment tools and learn how to interpret the associated reports. Our training workshops are fully interactive and deliver memorable and highly practical learning experiences.

All workshops are facilitated by specialist registered psychologists and recruitment specialists.


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