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Integrated Onsite

Bringing mental wellbeing and organisational support into your workplace.

What is Integrated Onsite?

Our Integrated Onsite service brings EAP closer to your employees. Through regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, we embed specialised Wellbeing Consultants – that have been carefully matched to the needs and ‘fit’ of your workforce – into your workplace teams or business units.

This means employees see the same people on a consistent basis and become comfortable around them, increasing the chances they will reach out for support if they require it.

Our experienced Wellbeing Consultants support a comprehensive workplace response by addressing three key areas:

  • Preventing harm
  • Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Managing immediate psychological and emotional needs

 Ensuring the integration of these key areas helps provide an effective framework for supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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Organisational benefits

There are many benefits to an organisation adopting an integrated onsite service model.

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High visibility wellbeing support encourages help-seeking, reduces barriers to participation and increases engagement.

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We assign a dedicated consultant to your location which establishes reliability, familiarity and builds trust with your people.

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Adopting a preventative approach, the onsite service allows for early risk identification and intervention.

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Being on hand and on site allows for a more timely and effective response to any current or emerging issue or incident.

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Incorporate our onsite service as part of your overall employee health & wellbeing strategy.

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Getting to know you

By being onsite, we attain a better understanding of your organisation, your people and culture.

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Receive regular and up-to-date feedback on both potential issues and ongoing program progress.

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Design your onsite service or program and choose your desired level of visit frequency.

Why use Converge?

With over 60 years of experience as a provider of onsite services, we know that businesses want more than an onsite mental health counsellor. This is why our Integrated Onsite service is uniquely tailored to your business and your people.

Our service goes beyond the needs of the individual and supports entire teams to help build a positive and supportive organisational structure. To help achieve this, our Wellbeing Consultants all have a minimum of five years post-qualification experience in their profession and come with either Counselling, Psychology, Pastoral or Social Work qualifications.

Because our consultants are matched to your workplace culture and build connections with your staff, they quickly become trusted and accessible wellbeing advisers. We know from long experience that someone who might not ordinarily ask for help will start to confide in a consultant they see regularly. This leads to important supportive conversations and can help your staff more easily access the range of wellbeing support and counselling options that Converge provides.


Recent Customer Feedback about their Wellbeing Consultant:

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Kristy thoroughly engaged with our staff who speak very highly of her positive engagement, her caring and compassion nature, and the knowledge she shared those individuals who found these insights or considerations very useful.
We were encouraged by the number of people who booked several appointments with her over a short period of time, which is a credit to her knowledge, skills, and ability to build relationships.
The understanding and adaptability that Kristy brought into our specialised workplace was invaluable. Kristy was able to engage with staff from a variety of areas – with our workshops staff, senior executives, call takers and administrative staff - Kristy engaged positively and built relationships across those workgroups with ease.
Kristy continues to make a positive and welcome addition to our team and we are very grateful for her supportive nature, her wisdom and her considered and collaborative approach to supporting us.
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Industry leaders in workplace mental health & wellbeing

Find out how Converge partners with organisations to support their health and wellbeing strategies.

Innovative Approach

We complement our services with innovative tools and methodologies enhancing the end-user experience and outcomes.

A powerful and effective approach to managing physical injuries where psychological factors are extending recovery time
case study
Australia Post

Learn how a brand new approach to preventing workplace psychological injuries delivers outstanding results

The relationship between physical health and mental health has been researched extensively and is now well understood. Read how we were able to dramatically improve return to work outcomes for one of Australia’s most culturally and geographically diverse organisations.

Help your employees feel supported


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