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Future-focused support during times of change.

What is Outplacement?

Restructure and major workforce change are regular aspects of working life and will affect almost everyone at some point in their career. Providing your people with the right outplacement support and assistance when jobs are lost will help minimise risk and ease individuals’ transition out of the organisation.

We are different to other providers of outplacement in the market who favour centralised, batch outplacement for large groups to a rigid schedule.  We’ve learned one-on-one sessions are more effective, able to be fully nuanced and drive far higher levels of satisfaction.

What else is different about what we do? Our expert Career Consultants not only provide the relevant career support but also the necessary emotional and psychological assistance that may be required during what can be a distressing time.

We are experts in psychological support and wellbeing. We bring this crucial knowledge to how we deliver outplacement services, with sensitivity and compassion, when it is needed most.

Our tailored outplacement program is confidential, outcome-focused and conducted within a supportive environment. It includes:

  • A tailored personal transition plan from the first meeting
  • Career assessment using valid and reliable tools
  • Identification of new career opportunities
  • The industry’s best editable workbook to help track your progress over time
  • A collection of additional and proven tools, templates and tip sheets to give you a flying start
  • Networking skills and strategies for accessing the hidden job market
  • Personal brand advice and help with preparation for interviews
  • Building a compelling CV and exceptional LinkedIn profile
  • Practical guidance on the application process and how to maximise your likelihood of success
  • Behavioural interview and salary negotiating skills — we practice this with you
  • Emotional and psychological outplacement counselling through what can be a difficult time
  • Creating a culture of genuine respect and care for outpaced individuals
  • Enhance the brand and demonstrate how you uphold your values for all staff
  • Individual outplacement plans realise quicker results
  • Model to existing staff how you treat people at all points of the employment relationship
  • Minimise legal risk

Delivery Modes


One-on-one consultations

Receive individual advice from a trained professional.


Team briefings & workshops

Group sessions available when needed.


Industry leaders in workplace mental health & wellbeing

Find out how Converge partners with organisations to support their health and wellbeing strategies.

Real people that care

We boast some of the most experienced and dedicated health professionals in the industry.

Destigmatising counselling and providing proactive strategies to increase utilisation and reduce risk
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Destigmatising counselling and providing proactive strategies to increase utilisation and prevent and reduce risk

AGL joined us in April 2013 with a need to establish a more effective, destigmatised and better utilised Employee Assistance Program.

Help your employees feel supported


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