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Professional Supervision

Critical reflection and discussion facilitated by a trained, independent, and impartial consultant over time.

What is Professional Supervision?

Professional Supervision is an expertly facilitated service that gives people an opportunity to talk openly with their professional colleagues within a structured framework.

It enables participants to unpack issues and find new ways of thinking about themes and issues that are part of professional work. The process focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment for all participants over time. It does not substitute for, and should not be confused with, the role of line management, performance management or broader professional development.

  • Professional Supervision is available for individuals and groups
  • It is facilitated by highly trained, impartial Converge consultants with supervision credentials and experience
  • Generally occurs on a regular and predictable basis over an extended period, frequently years
  • Invites critical reflection and discussion in a relaxed conversational format
  • Provides an opportunity to de-brief on core issues, review cases and develop and evolve core skills
  • Examines common points of view or, at times, challenges deeply held beliefs, internal structures, and processes
  • Provides theme-based feedback which may include written reporting including recommendations
  • Builds individual accountability, self-efficacy and skills
  • Reduces risk of individual overwhelm or potential burn-out
  • Builds new skills and resilience over time
  • Reviews practices, processes and explores professional development
  • Invites team collaboration on setting professional standards and consistent approaches
  • Increases quality and consistency of work delivered to clients or patients
  • Boosts ethical competence and builds professional confidence
  • Enhances job satisfaction and loyalty over time

Professional Supervision is a highly specialised service provided in partnership with customer organisations to their professional workforce over time.


What tools can Converge offer your business?

Converge has an array of innovative support tools that complement our services.


Psychometric Testing

Within our coaching programs, we offer options for additional psychometric testing to allow for greater coaching insight and development. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Occupational Personality Questionaire
  • MLQ Plus
  • Hogan Assessment Tool

Converge App

Combining the latest digital technology with an evidence-based approach, the Converge app includes several core tools to help your employees track and improve their mental and physical health, including:

  • Appointment booking
  • Health metrics tracking & personalised human dashboard
  • Health insights library
  • Employee support (FAQ’s and e-mail support)
  • Aggregated reporting to help you understand the shifting health and wellbeing trends of your people
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Find out how Converge partners with organisations to support their health and wellbeing strategies.

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We boast some of the most experienced and dedicated health professionals in the industry.


What our customers say about Professional Supervision

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HR Manager
I thought I knew where we were headed with our wellbeing strategy with Qantas, then along came the pandemic and everything changed. Thank you for your partnership, Converge.
Wellbeing Services Co-ordinator
NSW Police Force
Can I say that the support that was offered was invaluable to our officers. I cannot stress how much their assistance was appreciated and required, and I would recommend that any other inquests where police give evidence that they are offered the same support — which I know they will be.
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