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Finding candidates that best fit your organisation.

How do we help with recruitment?

We understand human psychology and behaviour.  This gives us an edge with recruitment.

We also understand how much time it takes — time many busy and lean HR teams don’t have.  This increases the risk of corner-cutting and making poorer recruitment decisions.

Overseen by our expert recruitment specialists in our SafeSelect team, we can run an entire recruitment process on your behalf.

Here’s an overview of what we do with you, or on your behalf:

  • Developing a client briefing and recruitment plan
  • Crafting a candidate attraction strategy
  • Conducting candidate screening
  • Conducting psychometric assessments
  • Preparing for cut-through interviews that explore areas of risk from the assessment profile
  • Reference checking that goes beyond ticking a box
  • Providing clear recruitment recommendations and reports on the best, shortlisted candidates
  • Crafting the offer helping with onboarding
  • Checking-in to make sure everything stays on track

Best practice principles in recruitment are well known and based on decades of solid research.

We now know that the most useful measure of a candidate’s fit for a role and organisational culture, is to assess both performance and potential.

So we do both. And we use the best tools available in the market, even for the riskiest and most dangerous roles.

We use a carefully planned stepwise process to assess each candidate’s performance. This goes beyond what the candidate wants you to see, to unearth hidden behaviours and patterns that shape risk for a given role.

Through highly skilled interviewing, a careful review of resumes, deeper reference checks, work sample testing and strategically placed interactions with the candidate, we gather performance data that provides a more reliable indication of a candidate’s fit for a role.

We know you want to be able to gain a collective picture of short-listed candidates’ suitability for each role being advertised. Using our trademarked tools and assessment processes, here are some of the key items we report on:

  • Job suitability
  • Cognitive ability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personality and behavioural preferences
  • Psychological vulnerabilities and risk
  • Future performance
  • Overall potential
  • Key role capabilities
  • Strengths and development areas
  • Work and thinking style
  • Interpersonal approach
  • Policing and emergency services
  • Law enforcement & corrections
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Aged care
  • Community services
  • Transport & logistics
  • Manufacturing

Or, any employment environment where public safety, risk of violence, or work is undertaken with vulnerable members of the community.

Psychometric Assessments

Our SafeSelect psychometric assessment tools have been developed and honed over many decades.  The data we have gathered along the way ensures rock-solid validity and reliability, particularly for complex high-risk roles where public safety is paramount.

This enables us to confidently provide you with a sound measure of each candidate’s potential and allows you to consider this with the needs of the role over time.


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