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Award-winning program proven to help people return to work faster.

What is WorkReset?

Failure to address the psychology associated with work injuries of all kinds can lead to secondary psychological injuries, meaning longer periods off work and more expensive compensation claims.

We partnered with Australia Post and Sydney University to conduct a ground-breaking piece of research and the results were exceptional.

The intervention group had significantly shorter injury recovery times (51 days) and had mental health scores almost 40% better compared to the control group.

We wanted to make the most successful aspects of the intervention available to more organisations struggling with employee compensation claims. So, we have launched WorkReset — an early intervention program that helps mitigate the risk of secondary psychological injuries and speed up the return to work.

There are a whole range of benefits that flowed from the research, all of which have been built into our WorkReset program.

  • It reduces the incidence of injured workers developing secondary psychological illnesses and claims
  • Works with a proven methodology for getting employees back to work faster
  • Enables targeting of suitable candidates with a physical injury where there is a potential psychological overlay and risk of an extended recovery period and lost time from work
  • Supports your employees and injury managers in identifying and working through the real issues extending the recovery time
  • Provides a compelling return on each dollar spent on psychological intervention
  • Reduces workers’ compensation costs dramatically
  • Supports a happier and more mentally fit workforce

The landmark randomised control trial conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia Post and Converge revealed:

  • Injured workers returned to work on average 51 days earlier if they had early psychological and preventative support.
  • Early intervention with matched, multidisciplinary care for the injured employee, drastically reduced secondary mental health effects such as depression, anxiety, and stress by almost 40 per cent over the control group.

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Find out how Converge partners with organisations to assess emerging or current psychological risk within an organisation, a specific team or an individual that may cause risk to your organisation.

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A powerful and effective approach to managing physical injuries where psychological factors are extending recovery time
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Learn how a brand new approach to preventing workplace psychological injuries delivers outstanding results

The relationship between physical health and mental health has been researched extensively and is now well understood. Read how we were able to dramatically improve return to work outcomes for one of Australia’s most culturally and geographically diverse organisations.

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