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Specialist Helplines

Acknowledging and respecting our differences and differing needs.

What are Specialist Helplines?

At Converge, we understand that people will face challenges at different times in their lives and that, sometimes, these will require specialised support.

Our dedicated Specialist Helplines offer a streamlined intake to hand-chosen and credentialed consultants who have deep expertise, lived-experience or qualifications in each area of specialty. Detailed referral databases to local support organisations are available where required. Based on the needs of each caller, a sensitive support plan is put in place.


Our experienced consultants are either First Nations people themselves or have undertaken specialist training in cultural awareness.

We take care to listen to clients and to be guided by what they want.

Specialist consultants providing support across issues specific to the LGBTQI+ community. We have consultants who have lived experience and who identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community.

Specialist consultants providing support and advice around domestic and family violence scenarios. This includes access to counselling, referral to specialist services, and assistance with planning for safety at work and at home. Both male and female consultants are available and we are guided by our clients’ wishes about who they feel safe and comfortable talking to.

Specialist consultants providing support and advice on aged care, referral to state and local resources as well as emotional support. Navigating the aged care landscape in Australia is not only confusing but also frequently involves feelings of guilt and worry.

This helpline can be used by people who are making decisions about their own transition to retirement and care, or by those caring for friends and relatives.

Specialist consultants providing support and advice on disability support as well as emotional support when caring for family members or friends who live with a disability.

There is a growing body of evidence to show that counselling that acknowledges and includes a person’s beliefs in the way that support is offered, leads to more effective outcomes. This helpline has specialist consultants who will help clients draw on spiritual resources suitable to their faith journey. We have consultants from all major faith traditions and every major Christian denomination trained to integrate spirituality as an essential aspect of wellbeing.

Specialist consultants providing support and advice designed specifically for the younger members of our community. An opportunity to address challenges that may come with home life, schooling and/or commencing employment for the first time.


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A powerful and effective approach to managing physical injuries where psychological factors are extending recovery time
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Australia Post

Learn how a brand new approach to preventing workplace psychological injuries delivers outstanding results

The relationship between physical health and mental health has been researched extensively and is now well understood. Read how we were able to dramatically improve return to work outcomes for one of Australia’s most culturally and geographically diverse organisations.

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