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Team Assessments

Psychologically well and cohesive teams are key to an organisation’s success.

What are Team Assessments?

We know and understand how important it is to test and monitor team morale and performance over time. The explicit and hidden costs of neglecting conflict or poor team and organisational morale are well known and impact your bottom line.

Our team assessments are ideal tools to help identify issues and potential problems early, ideally before they have had a major impact on team morale and culture.

Our team assessment tools explore:

  • Productivity
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • People risk
  • Staff morale
  • Workplace culture
  • Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Staff turnover and absenteeism

Following our assessments, we prepare an easy-to-read report that prioritises practical recommendations for turning things around and giving line managers the blueprint for remediating team morale, culture and performance.

Our Assessments

Workplace Wellbeing Assessments are among the most popular broad-based team assessment approaches we use because they can be turned around quickly and they get speedy results. They are suitable for a range of team issues and cultural problems that are impacting morale and performance.

  • They are highly effective and tease out presenting and underlying behavioural or systemic issues affecting team wellbeing and day-to-day functioning.
  • The process is voluntary, transparent and, importantly, involves staff actively calling out the real issues as well as suggesting ways of improving dynamics and helping to find solutions to the team’s problems.

Through deep engagement with staff, the assessment provides rich data and insights into what is really going on. This all ensures the assessment and resultant report is grounded in reality, is practical and shapes recommendations for improvement.

Sometimes conflict is complex, layered and impacts a whole team. When conflict is the main problem in a team, we have a specialised assessment process we use: the Team Dynamics Assessment.

  • For this, we’ve found the best place to start is through a sensitively planned and stepwise assessment process that focuses on listening to the impacted team members about the history and context of the conflict in the team and having them contribute to the remedial solution.
  • Our Team Dynamics Assessment encourages team members to talk about their experiences of the team dynamic, in one-on-one interviews.
  • We explore the strengths of the team, where they think things are not working well and, importantly, their perspectives on how to put things right.

This approach is highly effective at rebuilding trust, identifying root causes of the conflict so it is clearer to know where to intervene for maximum results, building a more positive culture over time.


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