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Who We Are

Making care real.

Our History

Founded in 1960, Converge has a long history as a trusted provider of health and wellbeing services to Australian, New Zealand and global organisations across all industries and sizes.

Our Beliefs

We believe in caring for people. Not just because it’s good for the bottom line but because it’s the right thing to do.

We believe in making care real, but good intentions aren’t enough. Care only becomes real when it shows up in actions. Mental health and wellbeing must be an integral part of how people work every day.

We partner with organisations to create health and wellbeing programs that truly provide that care.

Our Values

  • We hire for heart
  • We problem solve quickly
  • We build bridges
  • We challenge for growth
  • We take risks and believe in second chances

What We Do

We start by understanding the real issues. First, we assess what’s going on (informed by insights, data and often using technology). We then help you design a high-quality program that meets your needs and will make the most difference.

The good news is that programs can have a tremendous impact without costing a lot – in fact we usually start saving you money almost immediately.

That’s why so many organisations choose Converge as their workplace wellbeing provider.

A powerful and effective approach to managing physical injuries where psychological factors are extending recovery time
case study
Australia Post

Learn how a brand new approach to preventing workplace psychological injuries delivers outstanding results

The relationship between physical health and mental health has been researched extensively and is now well understood. Read how we were able to dramatically improve return to work outcomes for one of Australia’s most culturally and geographically diverse organisations.

Help your employees feel supported

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