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Just like physical fitness, Mental Fitness is a science too. 

But how many of us know what we have to do to maintain high
levels of mental wellbeing?

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The mind and body are a complex inter-connected system, so looking after your body is important for mental fitness. Exercise, nutrition, high quality sleep and low intake of alcohol and other drugs are all important for mental fitness. 

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The first “spirit” factor is a connection with nature. Studies show that people who live in a home surrounded by trees have better mental health outcomes than people who live in a home without greenery or easy access to it.



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Mindset also plays a big role in mental fitness. Cultivating a positive mindset isn’t about denying reality. It’s about noticing positive things, even in difficult situations, and imagining positive possible futures.



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Research into social connections shows that having at least four people who you feel able to talk to about very personal things is a protective factor for mental resilience. The final factor for mental fitness is giving. .




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