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A global, strategic approach to increase utilisation and awareness of a preventative EAP and wellbeing service.

The partnership journey forged between Qantas and Converge demonstrates high trust and the ability to be flexible and responsive at scale.
A global, strategic approach to increase utilisation and awareness of a preventative EAP and wellbeing service


Issue / Objective:

Increase awareness and utilisation of preventative EAP


Utilisation increased from 5%- 8% (17% in some groups)


When Qantas first came on board in 2017 there was a desire to substantially reinvent the service in a number of new and exciting ways. We started with strategic implementation workshops to understand how to best meet the needs of the business and their people.

This became the foundation of early work recasting the focus and promotion of the EAP and related support services. The stated intent was to increase utilisation and awareness of a proactive EAP and wellbeing service with a single identified global provider.


Qantas wanted a new EAP provider to help them increase utilisation and awareness of a proactive EAP and wellbeing service with a single global provider. There was also the added complexity that many employees were hard to reach, highly mobile flight crews on aircraft and in ports across the world. A well-planned marketing and servicing approach was required.

Strategic Approach

The relationship began with a series of strategic implementation workshops to understand the needs of the Qantas business and their people. It was agreed that firstly, communications needed to be available to people in a number of key geographic locations. Further securing the support of team leaders and managers to communicate the new goals was paramount to success.

Research was also conducted with key groups to understand why utilisation had been low in the past and establish what was required to increase it. It was also ascertained that capturing meaningful data and reporting issues and opportunities would be key to success. In addition, it was determined that being embedded as closely as possible within the organisation was important.

The Solution

Converge provided local contact phone numbers (over 20) for all key geographic locations, hyperlinks and collateral to be embedded in the internal comms site. We worked with Qantas to design support materials and associated collateral for each continental group with relevant contact numbers and a dial back to an Australia number for crew overseas who may require assistance.

Using insights gained from research, we communicated with key employee groups and sites domestically and internationally via a range of channels and marketing communication pieces. We even set up a dedicated office on-site for head office employees and increased resourcing in other markets as part of the re-launch to provide a greater sense of security to people.

As the program has become more established across other business areas such as Jetstar, the service has been rolled back to a regular onsite service instead of a permanent fixture. We are always assessing our service to maximise ROI and value for our customers. We are always monitoring and analysing data and the knowledge we gain to provide the most comprehensive delivery of service.

During the pandemic we have been working closely with Qantas and their people team. Through this partnership we have scaled the type and volume of support we provide across the Group, given the large-scale stand-downs, redundancies and impact on employees both domestically and internationally.


  • Increased EAP utilisation 5%-8% (17% in some groups)
  • 20 separate contact numbers to meet global needs – available 24/7
  • Specialist helplines such as LGBTQI, First Nations and Family & Domestic Violence
  • Dedicated Manager Assist portal to cover 20 most common issues Qantas managers face
  • Increased trust
"I thought I knew where we were headed with our wellbeing strategy with Qantas, then along came the pandemic and everything changed…"
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Critical Incident Response
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